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TopBuxus Health-Mix (10 Tablets 200g)

TopBuxus Health-Mix (10 Tablets 200g)

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TopBuxus Health-Mix 

The Topbuxus Health Mix is a leaf fertilizer with natural trace elements, which is 100% effective against the box blight of your box trees.

The use is simple and safe and can be used both for the prevention as well as for direct treatment in cases of acute box blight attack.

Thus, e.g. prevent fading of the leaves or yellow edges and give your book tree a fresh green, healthy and shiny blade. At the same time, it becomes less susceptible to disease, so those fungus infections, such as cylindrocladium, can be prevented much better. Preventive treatment should be 3 to 5 times during the growth period, i.e. from March to October.

Acute mold such as Cylindrocladium can be stopped directly with the TOPBUXUS Health-Mix, if the treatment is done early enough. Box blight is easily recognisable by the brown dots on the leaves, which spread quickly as spots. Followed by a loss of the leaves and then, in the absence of treatment, a dying of the branches.

In the case of timely use and under normal conditions, a single treatment of the infected plant (s) is sufficient. In the case of persistently warm and damp weather, it is advisable to repeat the procedure and carry out future checks.

Application & Details:

- For 1 to 5 times a year.

- Non-chemical

- Contains 10 effervescent tablets 20 g.

- Safe to use.

- Easy to handle


To keep your Boxwood in optimal health make sure young plants do not dry out and water adequately to make sure the soil is kept moist whilst plants are establishing roots in the ground. Plants in containers need continual watering as required.

Recommended trimming time is in the first week of June and any further required trimming is recommended in the period of August to October.

We recommend and supply Topbuxus products to help prevent Box Blight and encourage healthy growth.

Please contact us to for more information and to order.

We recommend following the program as below.

  • Apply Topbuxus Healthmix once a month from the months of March to November. Add 1 tablet to 1 litre of water, leave to stand for 10 minutes and then spray on foliage. 1 tablet should treat approximately 10 square metres of foliage. Ideally spray on plants when they are dry, early morning or late afternoon.
  • Apply Topbuxus Grow three times a year in April, June and August. Spread 50g per square metre of Topbuxus Grow evenly around the base of the plants.
  • Apply Topbuxus Carpet of approximately 4cm thick under and around the base of the plants and replenish every 3 years. It may depend on location how often the TopBuxus Carpet needs to be replenished. In case of Box Blight, apply as soon as possible.


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