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Smokeless Coal 25Kgs

Smokeless Coal 25Kgs

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Homefire Smokeless coal is supplied in a 25kg bags.

The Nation's favourite smokeless coal for over 50 years. Powerful with excellent sustained heat output. Lasts up to 40% longer than traditional house coal. Environmentally friendly so up to 80% less smoke and 25% less CO2 emissions than house coal. Produces attractive and natural looking flame.  Clean so little residual unburnt fuel. Large Hexagonal shaped briquette, thus easily identified.  It's HETAS Approved and authorised for use in smokeless zones.

Logs Available

Langley Logs supply excellent value loose seasoned hardwood firewood / logs delivered to your door and ready to heat your home.

If you order your bags of kindling at the same time you can have them conveniently delivered at the same time.

We sell the following quantities:

- 0.8m3 of Bulk Bags of Logs. 

- 1.2m3 of Loose Logs. 

- 2.4m3 Loose Logs

- 2.4m3 Loose Logs

- 3.6m3 Loose Logs

- 0.8m3 Bulk Bags of Hardwood Logs

Don’t forget to get get kindling!!

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